Dripping sunglasses are the new trend

Because sunglasses are becoming more of a fashion trend then ever more new designs and different types of sunglasses are coming out. Joining the trend is a company called “dripwear24”. They came out with a new collection of different types of sunglasses with a bunch of different variations called: Dripping sunglasses


The company 

Dripwear24 is a relatively new brand which is based in the Netherlands. They only sell sunglasses. The collection of dripping sunglasses is very broad with 4 different types of sunglasses and even more different types of colour combinations. You can even choose from a bunch of different colours for your glass lenses. The company offers their sunglasses from a price range of 25 euros till 65 euros. Dripwear24 only has an online store. If you want any of their glasses you’ll have to order them online through their website. You can pay with IDeal and credit card. Dripwear24 has a factory outside of the Netherlands and will send your order to you with DHL postal service and will take abou 2day al the way to 25 days at the max. 


What is dripping? 

Dripping or drip is a word which is used for when something is very fashionable or cool. The word is more known with the youth. When someone drips they basically mean that they have fashionable clothes. So when they say dripping sunglasses they are actually saying something along the lines of fashionable glasses. The word drip probably came from the USA and spread through social media but nobody really knows where it originally came from. 


Why sunglasses are becoming a fashion trend 

Sunglasses are becoming more and more of a fashion statement/trend. Large brands like gucci are also making sunglasses now and they are being worn by more and more celebrities. Because celebrities are wearing more sunglasses it is more likely to become a fashion trend because people look at them for fashion advice. That is exactly what happened with sunglasses. With more people wearing their “dripping sunglasses” even when the sun isn’t shining means a lot of sunglasses are being sold. This results in a lot of different companies rising from the ground at a lot of different price ranges. Dripwear4 for example is operating at the lower end of the spectrum because they offer pretty cheap sunglasses compared to other brands.